Fire Prevention at the Workplace

Fires at the workplace is a very serious and direct threat to the safety of employees as well as the reputation of your business. Fires at the workplace may result in the destruction of property, injury, death, as well as devastating impact on the environment.

It is a well-known fact that fire outbreaks are quite common in Greece. To successfully prevent fires personal responsibility is hugely significant. For that reason, businesses must have a full action and evacuation plan available.

At ErgoProlipsis we firmly believe that prevention is the quintessence of safety in the workplace. Therefore, the design of a detailed fire prevention plan plays a very important role regarding the safety of human lives as well as the safety of your business.


Main Causes of Fire at the Workplace

Fire outbreaks at workplace occur due to four main reasons:


  1. Faulty Electrical Equipment

It is at the top of the list, since it has been widely observed that it is the most common cause of fire in the workplace. For that reason, business owners should frequently inspect the safety of the electrical equipment at the workplace.


  1. Combustibles

It is the second most common cause of ignition and spread of fire as they can result in dangerous explosions. Businesses that have combustibles/flammable substances on site are strongly advised to follow a strict fire safety protocol.


  1. Lack of Trained Staff

Most of the times a fire outbreak is unpredictable. There have been cases in the past where even though the necessary fire safety equipment was readily available, the lack of training among employees as well as an effective action plan, resulted in failure to extinguish the fire. The training of staff by a group of experts is an integral part of a well-designed, efficient fire safety plan.


  1. Lack of maintenance/lack of suitable fire safety equipment

It is often believed that fire safety in the workplace is a given since it is also a legal obligation. However, it is an undeniable fact that many businesses neglect this obligation and as a result they are left with outdated, unsuitable fire safety equipment. What cannot be stressed enough is that a well maintained, up-to-date fire safety equipment can truly save lives in case of fire.

At ErgoProlipsis, our core message is that prevention is the the most effective way to secure the wellbeing of any business and its people. All businesses must have suitable, up-to-date fire safety equipment readily available.

At ErgoProlipsis, we undertake the design of comprehensive fire safety plans, fully adapted to the nature, and needs of your company.


 Fire Safety Services:

At ErgoProlipsis, we possess the experience and know-how to design efficient and effective fire safety planning which is comprised of:

  • Inspection of fire protection systems as well as preparing reports of all corrective actions.
  • Training staff in Fire Safety
  • Creation of custom-made Emergency Plan
  • Configuration of fire escape plan
  • Simulation-based exercises of fire emergency