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ErgoProlipsis is a private company active in providing External Protective and Preventive Services. Since its inception in 2002, it offers risk management consulting services of premium quality in the fields of Occupational Safety and Health, and Environment.

Today, after two decades of an ongoing course of development, the company’s headquarters are located in Crete, yet its outreach extends to Greece, Cyprus, the wider Balkans as well as the Eastern Mediterranean. ErgoProlipsis is strategically positioned as the preferred partner of many top-tier brands in the construction industry and many other professional fields regarding Occupational Health and Safety.

Utilizing all the latest knowledge and technology, focusing on everlasting progress, and with a non-negotiable commitment to innovation and premium quality, the services offered by ErgoProlipsis are a benchmark in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, having set “Zero Accidents” as the primary objective in construction projects as well as any other occupational environment.

ErgoProlipsis’ core operation is to elevate health and safety in the professional environment from a “necessary evil”, “obligation,” and “nice to have”, to an embedded culture that will govern everyone involved in every professional activity.

ErgoProlipsis’ goal is to empower companies to guarantee the health and safety of their most valuable asset, their human resources.

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We envision the promotion of Health & Safety in occupational environments and the establishment of an embedded culture of risk prevention as a core operational philosophy.

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To continue to empower businesses to protect their most valuable asset: Their People

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Ioannis Aspirtakis Presentation - ErgoProlipsis | 3rd Panhellenic Conference on H&A at Work | 10-11-2022

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With ErgoProlipsis we have built a harmonious and effective cooperation to promote Health and Safety at work in the Tourism Enterprises we have in our clientele.

The tourism sector is particularly complex. Its working environment hides risks and requires a series of safety measures and excellent organization, embedded in the corporate culture of each business, to ensure the health and safety of staff and the public who use the services of the hotel sector.

Through a series of services, ErgoProlipsis has helped us provide a complete package of security services that fully cover our clientele as well as training services that contribute to the effective implementation of the policies we design.

We receive high-quality services and service, and we look forward to an even more dynamic continuation of our cooperation, for the benefit of the hotel sector as a whole

Antonis Tsiknakis, Paralos Hospitality
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ErgoProlipsis Team

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ErgoProlipsis Takes Care of Your Staff's Safety

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ErgoProlipsis establishes health and safety in business culture

At ErgoProlipsis we ensure that all our activities leave a positive footprint on the society, the environment and people, while we are committed to serving and promoting the principles of sustainable development, the circular economy and the values of ethical business.

Nothing exceeds the value of human life, safety, health, and well-being. With this principle deeply rooted in our consciousness, we support and empower, on a daily basis, our client companies to protect their most valuable asset: Their People.

Our services are structured individually for each business. Due to the critical and sensitive nature of the subject matter, the solutions we propose must be fully targeted and tailored to the needs of each case.

Only the detailed identification of risks can lead to the design of a strategy and tools for their effective prevention and avoidance. Our approach to everything to do with detail is almost obsessive!

In health and safety, only the absolute is acceptable. There are no service quality levels, no discounts on design. The services we offer are of one category only: Premium.