Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Gap Analysis

Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Gap Analysis

HSE Gap Analysis is a proactive approach to ensure that the Organization is compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements.

The service includes a wide range of assessments designed to identify strengths, risks, and opportunities for improvement. ErgoProlipsis’ executives can identify key areas that require immediate attention and suggest improvement proposals and implementation plans.

The implementation of the service included the following steps:

  1. Initial review of operations, processes, structure, the existing HSE Management system, and employee training.
  2. on-site inspection of facilities and workplaces.
  3. Review of key findings and suggestions for improvement to achieve the required degree of compliance.
  4. Delivery of documented report.

The implementation of a successful HSE Gap Analysis program contributes to:

  • the improvement of safety and health conditions
  • the protection of the environment
  • the development of a safety culture
  • the increase of productivity and achievement of the company’s objectives