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ErgoProlipsis offers a range of services for the management of Environmental conditions in a company.

Energy audit measurements

ErgoProlipsis carries out energy audit measurements for buildings.

Our laboratory has equipment for:

  • Airflow measurements in pipes and ducts
  • Online temperature and humidity measurements
  • Thermographic imaging of buildings
  • Insulation reliability check
  • Underground and hidden wiring and piping check


Note: The equipment above is also available for rent.


Development of Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001 & EMAS)


Environmental studies


Alternative systems for energy saving

Information on Special Protection Areas

Mapping for:

  1.     Administrative maps
  2.     Geological maps
  3.     Maps of land use
  4.     NATURA maps
  5.     Maps of special protected areas
  6.     Maps of traditional communities
  7.     Maps of antiquities
  8.     Maps of water resources
  9.     GIS maps