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HSE Measurements


ErgoProlipsis has a state-of-the-art, fully equipped measurement laboratory, meeting the requirements of the most sophisticated applications. Highly trained personnel undertake field measurements to identify harmful agents and pollutants in industrial, craft and other production facilities.
Using the calibrated equipment, we take the following measurements


Measurements Available equipment
Level and dose of noise Sound meters
Wet and dry bulb temperature Digital and analogue thermometers
Temperature field and Thermography High Resolution Digital Thermal Cameras
Lighting and light intensity Digital photometer
Airflow and velocity of gaseous currents Digital thermal anemometer
Humidity Digital and analogue humidifiers
Heat Stress Index (WBGT) Digital meter WBGT
Concentration of airborne dust On-line diffractometer
Concentration of inhaled and respirable dust Pump and dust retention filter suction system
Concentration of gas vapors Vapor sampling and calculation pumps
Concentration of fibers and fibrous powder Suction pump system and fiber retention filters
Grounding of electrical equipment Digital earth meters
Vibrations 3-axis digital vibrometer
Electromagnetic field (EMF) Digital EMF meters




Areas of application of measurements
Factor measurements are required in the following areas:

Areas of application Indicative measurements we offer
Environmental Management

 (ISO 14001, EMAS)

Dust concentration at the boundaries of the premises

Noise measurements at the boundaries of the facilities

Concentration of gaseous pollutants in chimneys

Concentration of pollutants in the water

Concentration of gaseous pollutants

OHS Management

(ISO 45001, Safety Technician & Occupational Physician services, Public health)

Workplace noise measurements

Light intensity measurements

Temperature-humidity measurements in workplaces

Measurements of heat stress index determination (WBGT)

Vibration measurements for machine operators

Inert dust concentration measurements (inhalable –
respirable fraction)

Measurements of fibrous dust (asbestos, cotton)

Harmful gas measurements (CO2, NOx, NH3 )

Heating of electrical installations

Control of gas flow velocity in offices

Electromagnetic radiation measurements

Health Interest Businesses

(ISO 22000, HACCP)


Refrigerator and oven temperature measurements

Control of refrigerant and oven losses

Humidity measurements




In collaboration with the accredited laboratory of MetroCal (, laboratory instrument and equipment calibration services are provided such as

  • mass,
  • temperature & humidity,
  • power & torque,
  • hardness,
  • volume,
  • density,
  • flow,
  • pressure,
  • electrical sizes.