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OHS Risk Assessment

OHS Risk Assessment

The OHS Risk Assessment (RA) is foreseen by Greek Law (Law 3850/10) and strict specifications are set for its validity and content (Circular 130297 / 15.7.96).
Occupational Risk Assessment is a process that requires a specific sequence of the following key actions to be complete and effective

  1. identifying sources of health and safety risk for workers for every working process
  2. identifying potential health and safety risks for workers arising from production processes
  3. assessment of the magnitude of the risk and its impact on health and safety
  4. planning and managing prevention procedures.

At ErgoProlipsis every OHS Risk Assessment includes:

  1. an overview of the applicable legislation
  2. description of the working activities
  3. hazard identification and analysis
  4. risks classification
  5. proposals for corrective actions to minimize risks
  6. safety guidelines for critical activities