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Construction Environmental Management Plan

Construction Environmental Management Plan

The purpose of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is to ensure the effective protection of the environment by defining the required measures and procedures needed to tackle the environmental impacts and, at the same time to ensure compliance with the terms of the Environmental Conditions Approval Decision of the project as well as with the environmental legislation in effect throughout the construction process. The EMP includes the required measures to prevent and deal with environmental impacts and the management procedures regarding, indicatively and not limited to, the following areas:

  • Excavation materials management (balances of earthworks, organization of temporary storage areas, etc.)
  • Management of solid and liquid waste, hazardous and non-hazardous
  • Management & Monitoring of gas and dust emissions
  • Management & Monitoring of noise and vibrations emissions
  • Water and soil protection
  • Leakage response plan
  • Protection and management of the natural environment & landscape
  • Management of materials with hazardous properties

Furthermore, the EMP includes the main body of the monitoring program, defining the environmental parameters and indicators that must be monitored during the construction phase. The EMP will include the following key sections:

  1. Defining the roles and responsibilities of those involved in environmental management & monitoring.
  2. Description of the required prevention and response measures to be implemented for the environmental sectors mentioned above in compliance with the requirements of the approved MPE and AEPO of the project and the environmental legislation in effect.
  3. Defining procedures for environmental monitoring and dealing with incidents of non-compliance with environmental obligations.
  4. Defining procedures for dealing with environmental emergencies.
  5. Training/information program for employees and subcontractors regarding their environmental obligations.
  6. Schedule of submission of the required information to the relevant authorities.
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