Safe Business is Good Business


All people working at Ergoprolipsis have three distinctive elements: Their work ethic, their dedication to producing high quality results and their extensive experience as well as expertise. As the company offers “boutique-grade” services to a top-tier clientele, its team consists of some of the most highly skilled experts in the field of Occupational Health and Safety with accumulated and combined decade-long experience which has been attained after having successfully completed thousands of projects. The average age of the company’s employees is 43 years.

At the same time ErgoProlipsis adopts all contemporary models of corporate governance and implements equal opportunities policies.

High-level academic training and lifelong learning are some of the team’s main features. 95% of the company’s employees own at least one master’s degree, while 30% are holders of PhD.

Finally, Ergoprolipsis is a company that invests in its people. Having a low turn-over with regard to employees and partners, the average time of partnership between the employees and the company surpasses 8 years.


ErgoProlipsis’ executive team:

Ioannis Aspirtakis, Mechanical Engineer, MSc

General Manager


Ioannis Aspirtakis is Mechanical Engineer with MSc in Occupational Health & Safety Management. He works in this field for more than 18 years focusing in Risk Management and OHS consulting. His area of expertise also includes carrying out risk audits and establishes risk mitigation strategies. He was group OHS manager in multinational manufacturer, responsible for OHS in 9 countries (among others Greece, Turkey, Romania, Poland, France and China). He is lead auditor for OHSAS and ISO Management Systems providing second party audits for more than 8 years in cooperation with certification bodies. He has great experience in the development of Behavioural Based Safety (BBS) systems for various industries and business sectors. He has strong project management skills and ability to lead teams and deliver targets. Last 15 years, he is General Manager in ErgoProlipsis LTD.

Ioannis Dimitrakis, Electrical and Computer Engineer

Director of Projects Dp


He is a graduate of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Patras. He works as a professional safety consultant in a wide range of areas of economic activity, such as industry, tourism, manufacturing, etc. In addition, he has experience in developing and overseeing Quality Management, Safety, Health and Environment Management Systems and has carried out a number of measurements to determine the impact of harmful agents (noise-dust-chemical agents-vibrations) on occupational health and safety and the environmental wellbeing, for industries, quarries, organizations and manufacturing. Has conducted various Occupational Risk Assessments Studies, Health and Safety plans and files for technical projects, and has been a member of scientific teams for specialized measurements for the environment.

Eva Orfanoudaki, Management and Production Engineer, MSc

Operational Director


Mrs. Orfanoudaki Eva holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Production Engineering and MBA Msc. She is professional operations management expert, experienced with leadership, organization, and business operation. As operations manager in OHS consulting firm Ergoprolipsis for more than 6 years, she is responsible for overseeing sales and operational statistics to make improvements and encourage higher efficiency among all sales employees. Strong Project Management skills and ability to lead teams and deliver targets. Experienced in working with employees from the bottom to the upper level.

Nikolaos Karanikas, Civil & Structural Engineer BEng, MSc.

Director of Construction Projects – H&S Dpt.


Nikolaos Karanikas, ‘’Director of Construction Projects – H&S Dpt.’’ at ErgoProlipsis is a Civil & Structural Engineer (BEng, The University of Sheffield-UK, 2001) with a strong Engineering Project Management background (MSc, UMIST-UK, 2003).

Member of TEE since 2005 and more than 15 years of working experience in the Construction Industry, qualified to support and coordinate cross-functional teams over design and delivery stages as a site engineer and Project Manager.

He has been a Scientific and Laboratory Associate of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly in the Department of Project Management and Health & Safety Management at Work as well as on the Technical and Economic Analysis of Projects and Structures.

Lately offering exclusively consulting services in the fields of Health and Safety at workplace to both private and state sector enterprises of all activities collaborating with the largest Greek safety services companies.

Ilias Spanakis, Management and Production Engineer, MSc

Manager of Safety Dpt


Has diploma in Management and Production Engineering and MBA Msc. As manager in OHS consulting firm Ergoprolipsis, is responsible for OHS audits and risk assessment, implements programs to limit physical, biological & ergonomic risks to work, plans accident investigations and hazard identification & risk assessment in workplaces-machinery-operations. Experienced safety consultant in a variety of companies in all sectors of economic activity in Greece and Cyprus.  He is Lead Auditor for OHSAS Management Systems for more than 5 years in cooperation with certification bodies (SGS). Strong Project Management skills and ability to lead teams and deliver targets. Experienced in working with employees from the bottom to the upper level and training skills as instructor in OHS seminars for low and high level employees. He holds the position of Secretary-General of the Eastern Crete Technical Chamber of Greece and is active member of scientific and professional bodies related to safety and risk prevention.

George Vrachnakis, Mechanical Enginner

OHS Expert


George Vrachnakis is a Mechanical Engineer, specializing in Occupational Safety and Health. He is also a member of Hellenic Association of Technical Industry Scientists and works as an occupational safety consultant in a variety of companies such as industries, hotels etc. He has conducted a number of occupational safety inspections, staff training, occupational risk assessment studies and preparedness exercises and has many years of experience in the preparation of Occupational Risk Assessment Studies and is experienced instructor for Occupational and Fire Safety in workplaces. He is Lead Auditor for OHSAS Management Systems for more than 4 years in cooperation with certification bodies.